ITECH IT-M3800 Series Regenerative DC electronic load

♦ Compact design, 1U@6kW, 2U@12kW
♦ Voltage range: 10~1500V
♦ Current range: 8A~720A
♦ Power range: 12kW
♦ Master/slave parallel connection with patented technology – keep good performance while power extension*1
♦ Efficient power regeneration –  reduce cost of electricity and cooling
♦ Slope of voltage, current and power is settable
♦ Battery discharge test
♦ Short-circuit simulation
♦ List function, max.200 steps
♦ 8 operation modes under Source mode:CC/CV/CW/CP/CC+CV/CV+CR/CR+CC/CC+CV+CW+CR
♦ Von function – On/Off control
♦ Multiple protection: OVP / ±OCP / ±OPP / OTP /voltage transient drop protection/anti-islanding
♦ Power grid automatic detection
♦ Pre-charge to prevent current overshoot
♦ Built-in USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO interfaces, Optional GPIB/Analog&RS232
*If parallel connection > 6 units, pls. contact ITECH for details.

IT-M3800 series regenerative DC electronic load can not only perform as a DC load, but also feed back power to the grid, which saves electricity and cooling costs for you. It can complete high-precision output and measurement, and supports multiple protection functions. It is well applied to the test of 5G communication and data center, industrial components test, aging test, PV and energy storage test, power optimizer and other fields.

Functions and Advantages

High power density, compact size design

ITECH has been adhering to the high power density design to help customers optimize test solutions. IT-M3800 series provide up to 6kW power in 1U chassis, and up to 12kW power in 2U chassis. ITECH entire high power density product line is more complete and comprehensive.

Wide range of output, one unit replaces multiple units

IT-M3800 series, with 25 models, the output voltage ranges from 10V to 1500V, and the maximum output current of single unit can reach 720A. With wide range of output desi。 gn, compared with traditional solid output range, IT-M3800 provide users more voltage and current combinations, making the usage more flexible. A single load can cover a wide range of application needs, andsignificantly reduce the complexity and space occupied by the system.

Power regenerative and eco-friendly

With the power regeneration function, IT-M3800 can feed back up to 95% power instead of consuming it as heat. It not only save your cost of electricity, HVAC
and cooling infrastructure, but also help to reduce carbon emission and impact on the environment. In addition, IT-M3800 has the function of automatic grid detection, which can detect phase voltage and frequency in real time and synchronizes with the grid to make energy regeneration automatic and safe.

Electricity accumulation, high energy saving effect

IT-M3800 uses power electronic conversion technology to recycle the output energy of the power supply under test under the premise of completing the test power experiment. Through the internal high-speed voltage and current sampling, the user can directly view the current total amount of feedback on the instrument panel, including voltage/frequency/power of each phase. The total power, real time and historical total recovered electricity. The IT-M3800 series can continue to accumulate electricity on the basis of the value before the last shutdown.

Battery discharge test

The IT-M3800 series have discharge test function, which is suitable for discharging tests on various portable batteries. Three test cut-off conditions of the battery can be set by yourself: cut-off voltage, cut-off capacity and discharge time. When any one of the three conditions is met, the test will be automatically interrupted. During the test, the battery voltage, discharge time and discharged capacity can be observed.

Parallel function

To be convenient and flexible, IT-M3800 uses the master/slave control mode to connect multiple e-loads in parallel to realize high-power testing requirements. Meanwhile, it adopts ITECH’s patented optical fiber parallel technology to solve the problems of slow speed and poor accuracy in the traditional parallel mode, suitable for calibration measurement, research and development lab, production line and ATE test setup.


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