Tekbox South Africa

Tekbox was founded as a design services company in 2008. The main focus was the development of automotive lighting and fleet management products.
In parallel, Tekbox started developing its own products for smart agriculture and environmental sensing. EMC pre-compliance testing was always considered an essential part during the design phase and resulted in elaborating suitable procedures and test equipment. EMC pre-compliance testing at Tekbox could considerably reduce time to market and product development cost.
The positive response for an open hardware LISN design, shared with the engineering community, encouraged us to industrialize other test equipment, which we initially designed for our internal use. Meanwhile, Tekbox has become a popular brand for affordable EMC pre-compliance test equipment and continues to industrialize its range of test equipment.
When still a design services company, Tekbox realized, that in house manufacturing capabilities are essential to speed up product design. Meanwhile, Tekbox is very vertically integrated. Besides an experienced team of hardware, firmware and software engineers, we have grown a capable manufacturing department in house.
SMT pick and place machines and experienced operators for manual assembly enable us to manufacture all our PCBAs in the Tekbox factory. Further capabilities are Technomelt molding, plastic injection, manual and CNC milling and turning, laser cutting and engraving and various other production processes.

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